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Tuolumne Supervisors Address COVID-19 Compliance For Businesses

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Sonora, CA – A new effort is in the works to encourage local owners’ and operators’ cooperation with public health protocol.

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the board discussed creating a new division of the Public Health Department with staff maintaining a complaint and education phoneline.

So, if a complaint comes in that a local business is out of compliance, a team member would then be assigned to go out and provide education to that operator as to what needs to be done in order to maintain compliance with state and local orders.

Businesses could also receive grants up to $2,000 from the county through the Federal CARES Act for the purchase of personal protective equipment to help bring their operations into compliance. Then Public Health staff would return within five to seven days, checking back to ensure the business is compliant.

In the event of severe situations of a business’s non-compliance with no mitigation measures being taken, the county could then refer information for additional follow up to state officials such as the strike teams now charged with ensuring businesses are following the mandatory face-covering order.

The board unanimously approved going ahead with plans for the approach, stressing that the goal is to educate and help facilitate conversations to gain businesses’ cooperation in following the public health orders for the sake of public safety and to bring the infection case numbers back down.