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Tuolumne County Supervisors Approve Budget Modifications

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During Tuesday morning´s budget session, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors approved a 7-part plan to reduce costs and transfer funds.

It turns out the state of California miscalculated the amount of money that cities and counties would receive. Administrator C. Brent Wallace said he initially had a hard time understanding why the state would only be returning 84 percent of the money they rescinded last year.

“I began to look at it and categorize it and try to put it into some kind of sequential order. And actually I came up with the 84 percent. I can actually get to that number, and I felt really proud of myself. Then I got really depressed.”

Also, during a presentation to the board, Auditor/Controller Debbie Russell discussed what cash flow is and why it matters more than it used to.

“Why was it important this year? Because of all of the changes from the state. And why do we care? Because this year´s a baby, compared to what 2004-2005 is going to look like.”

The Supervisors also will be exploring three additional furlough days for county employees… as a way of saving additional dollars through the end of the fiscal year.