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Runaway Truck Smashes SUVs

A run away beer truck in Angels Camp yesterday took out five brand new SUVs parked at a car dealership on Highway 49.

The delivery truck was parked up hill on the highway about 8 yesterday morning, when the emergency brake apparently gave way. The 2 1/2-ton truck rolled backwards down hill across the roadway and smashed broadsides into a new Isuzu Rodeo parked on a display stand.

That´s when the chain reaction began.

The Rodeo crashed into another new Rodeo, which crashed into yet another Rodeo, which crashed into a Subaru Outback, which then finally crashed into a Subaru Forester.

Luckily no one was hurt, but the mishap did cause about $125,000 damage to the new vehicles on the car lot. The Sonora beer distributor´s insurance is covering the damage.