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Newsom Planning To Announce Updated COVID-19 Restrictions

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom says that more information will be released this afternoon regarding new steps designed to crack down on people ignoring health warnings about large social gatherings.

He stated yesterday, “What more concern could we have moving into a weekend when family gatherings are part of the tradition of the Fourth of July. We’re going to need to do more to express our concern about that, and the seriousness of face coverings and physical distancing.”

Newsom has referred to the reopening of economic sectors, and public places, as a “dimmer switch” or “toggle” which will go back and forth depending on the number of cases.

Newsom hinted that some of the new restrictions to be released today will attempt to crack down on indoor social gatherings. He also stated that California will likely become more aggressive in its enforcement of people wearing masks in public places.

Newsom says California has around 223,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and hospitalizations have increased by 43-percent over the past two weeks.