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Weapons Motion Denied in King Case

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An employee of the Tuolumne County Utilities District was in court yesterday, asking for his guns back.

But a temporary injunction against James Stuart King became a permanent one, and his motion to have fourteen weapons returned to him was denied.

It happened yesterday afternoon in Tuolumne County Superior Court.

King had surrendered fourteen weapons at the time of his initial arrest, to comply with a court order, and last week police had found that he´d stashed an additional fourteen assault rifles at the Twain Harte home of a friend.

The case started with King´s alleged involvement with a 16-year-old girl, and it expanded when officers found vials of steroids and other hormones and as many as a thousand syringes.

Late last month, King filed a motion in Tuolumne County Superior Court to get back the first fourteen handguns which he´d surrendered as part of a restraining order, but officials say the motion was denied.