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Stearn Honored for Forty Years of City Service

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City Councilman Ron Stearn may need to build a new shelf to display all the certificates and awards he received last night.

The Sonora Opera Hall hosted the 40th Anniversary Celebration for Stearn… who first was elected in 1964.

“The size of Sonora was 1.4 square miles, today it´s three square miles. The police deparmtnet budget back in 1964 was $59,900, today it´s 1.8 million,” said city administrator Greg Applegate who introduced many of last night´s presenters, including Tuolumne County Supervisor Dick Pland.

“I came to Sonora in 1957,” said Pland, “and the only person in Mundorf´s who knew where everything was was Ronnie Stearn.”

Mayor Marlee Powell told the crowd, “Ron is our one true source of local history. He is, indeed, Mr. Sonora. He is an invaluable resource, and an excellent role model for any aspiring politician.”

Councilman Hank Russell read a letter from the governor as well.

“Your distinguished service will long be an example for your fellow citizens. Please accept my best wishes for every future success and happiness. Sincerely, Arnold Schwarznegger.”

Stearn received recognition from the state assembly and senate, and numerous prior council members too.

When asked how he´s held up over the years, Stearn said “Quite a bit of patience, and an understanding wife for a long time.”

Stearn was just elected to another four year term last month.