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Supervisors Review Year-End County Budget

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The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors approved a four-point recommendation yesterday, after their Third Quarter Budget Review Session.

Revised projections were slightly better than the mid-year projections, including an increase of 159-thousand dollars in general Vehicle License Fee funds. In addition, property tax and Transient Occupancy Tax revenues were up.

Daniel Richardson, Senior Administrative Analyst, reported that not all the VLF numbers are positive, however.

“Why is this occurring? Well, we´re not receiving VLF revenue from the state. Some projections say we will, some say we won´t. It depends who you talk to,” said Richardson.

Richardson reported they´ve recieved about 82 percent of the Mental Health and Social Services VLF money so far, and should the state come up with the rest of the money, it will go where it was promised.

Next week, supervisors will discuss additional furlough days as a money-saver.