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Excellence in Teaching Awarded

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Teachers and school administrators gathered last night to recognize Excellence in Teaching at the 2004 Tuolumne County Boards of Trustees dinner meeting.

Scott Plotkin, durector of the California School Boards Association, spoke at last night´s dinner.

He said he felt good about Governor Schwarznegger´s approach to education funding.

“We´re getting two billion of the four we´re entitled to. He´s promised us that in the next fiscal year, we´ll get that two billion back,” Plotkin said of the governor.

And Plotkin adds the governor´s record so far is a good record.

“He´s a man that, so far, has lived up to all of his commitments. The proof is in the pudding. And as long as he keeps doing that, and work with us in the legislature, then he could be quite successful,” said Plotkin.

After Plotkin´s speech, more than a dozen awards were handed out for Career Achievement as well as Excellence in Teaching.

The Sonora High School A Capella Choir began the evening by singing to the dinner´s attendees.

The awards event happened at the at the Sierra Bible Church last night.