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Clean Up Underway for Suisun Diesel Spill

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U-S Coast Guard crews are on the scene of what could be a massive clean-up effort after diesel fuel spilled into Suisun Bay.

The Environmental Protection Agency confirms today that a 14-inch-wide pipeline owned by Kinder Morgan has ruptured in the wetlands area in Suisun Bay, near Fairfield.

Suisun Bay feeds into the San Pablo and San Francisco bays.

The U-S Coast Guard is taking the lead on the clean-up effort, but authorities are still trying to determine exactly how much fuel has spilled.

Oil clean up experts are at the scene and the E-P-A is assisting.

The E-P-A initially said as much as a million gallons of diesel may have leaked from the ruptured pipe.

They´ve since backed off that estimate, and officials at the scene say they won´t know the size of the spill until the broken pipe has been repaired and refilled.

Kinder Morgan estimates that as many as 42-thousand gallons of diesel could have spilled into the Suisun Marsh.