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SUDS Program To Beautify Downtown Sonora

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Some clever brainstorming, and perhaps that basic instinct for spring cleaning, will mean a new sparkle for downtown Sonora.

The new sparkle will come from SUDS. That´s a new city program that stands for Shine Up Downtown Sonora.

Ty Wivell, from the Historic Downtown Chamber, got together with City Administrator Greg Applegate to discuss the idea, and how to pay for it.

“Greg read something somewhere, and he says, ´Well, why don´t we try something like this? Sponsorship!´ So we said, okay… the city can sponsor three months, and the Historic Chamber can sponsor a couple, and we can get some other merchants and businesses in town to sponsor a part of a month or a whole month,” said Wivell.

But the City of Sonora, along with the Historic Downtown Chamber, will be sponsoring the first five months.

$2550 in city redevelopment money will pay for the city´s participation in the project.