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New Prize Found for Summerville Sober Graduation

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This week, an ´86 Jeep Cherokee was stolen and vandalized before it could be given away at Summerville High´s Sober Graduation party.

However, it wasn´t long before members of the community stepped up and helped out.

After the theft Monday night, the discussion started between the Jamestown office of the Highway Patrol and Sierra Motors, and another suitable vehicle was found.

“[It´s] a very, very nice-looking Oldsmobile, a ´98. It´s very clean, looks like a mom and pop had it in the garage, very nice leather interior. And they said if you want it, it´s yours,” Wills said Friday.

And so, thanks to the generosity of local folks, Friday´s Sober Grad party at Summerville High will still have a grand prize.

Wills says they have a number of leads in the investigation of who stole and wrecked the original prize.

“They´ve got some fingerprints, partial fingerprints, and things of that nature. We have a witness who actually saw people driving the vehicle, and a young gentleman was able to give us a real good description of what they looked like.”

Wills added the investigation continues.