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Levee Breaks, Farm Land Flooding

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A levee break near Stockton is flooding farm fields near pipelines that carry drinking water from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir to San Francisco.

A levee break of 200-300 feet has been reported on Jones Tract north of the Woodward Ferry. Highway 4 is about 3 to 4 miles away. Caltrans officials are watching closely.

State and federal emergency officials say the levee that gave way about 8:30 this morning is near the intersection of Highway 4 and Bacon Island Road.

Authorities are conducting voluntary evacuations — but there are few homes in the rural farming area. The break is along a section of river near an area known as the Lower Jones Tract.

San Joaquin County Sheriff, CHP, and marine units are notifying residents to evacuate the area. It´s a mandatory evacuation. Mostly farm land and fields are being flooded. Authorities say there are a few dozens homes in that area of the San Joaquin delta area.

Farmers are starting to move their equipment out of the area.