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Cogdill Discusses Reagan, Finance in Sonora

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Assemblyman Dave Cogdill stopped by the Mother Lode and, among other topics, took time out to reflect on what the passing of former president Ronald Reagan meant to him.

“One of the reasons I became a Republican was Ronald Reagan, and his stand on a number of issues. I really felt he spoke to me and did a good job of articulating the issues the way I thought they should be,” said Cogdill this week.

Cogdill was at the Sonora City Hall for a Dollars and Sense workshop with accountants from around the area, to discuss money matters on the government level and on the personal level.

Cogdill said the situation in Sacramento regarding the state budget is promising.

“This is my fourth year in the process, and it looks like, certainly for the first time since I´ve been in the Capitol, that we´re going to get a budget on time.”

However, Cogdill added that the budget might not be entirely ready by the official deadline this coming Tuesday. “I don´t know that we´ll make the June 15th Constitutional deadline, but I do think we´ll probably have a budget in place by the first of July, the beginning of the fiscal year, which is the real important deadline.”

Cogdill was in Sonora Thursday evening for the seminar.

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