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Peterson Trial Resumes Monday

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Scott Peterson´s double-murder trial enters its next phase tomorrow with police taking the stand after two weeks of testimony from friends and family.

Defense attorney Mark Geragos is expected to pick apart the case in an effort to show the investigation was botched. He claims two of the lead detectives are lying.

Prosecutors charge Peterson killed his pregnant wife, Laci, in their Modesto home on or around December 24th, 2002, then dumped her body from his small boat on San Francisco Bay.

His attorneys have speculated someone else abducted her while she walked the dog in a nearby park.

The remains of Laci Peterson and her fetus washed ashore nearly four months later, just two miles from where Scott Peterson claims to have launched for his solo fishing trip on that Christmas Eve morning.

He says he returned home to find his wife missing.

Peterson could face the death penalty or life without parole if convicted in the killings.