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Greyhound Bus Routes To Discontinue

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Greyhound buses will likely not be departing and arriving from Sonora come November.

Officials from the bus company say they´d need 40 riders per day to make the route financially feasible. And lately, the ridership totals have been far below that mark.

This week, Greyhound notified CalTrans they won´t be reapplying for a federal grant to keep the service operating.

Only a few weeks ago, a Greyhound spokesman met with the Sonora Ad Hoc Mass Transportation Committee, to announce a plan to transport just-released parolees from the Sierra Conservation Center to Modesto using Greyhound.

That plan was debated, cancelled, and then brought back to life.. in the weeks since the meeting.

But even with the inmate plan, the buses would still have transported less than half the needed number of riders daily.

And a Greyhound spokeswoman says, with those numbers, they simply can´t afford to continue the service.