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Detective Left Out Detail in Peterson Case

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It was another whirlwind day of revelations in Scott Peterson´s murder trial in Redwood City today.

His lawyer, Mark Geragos, played an audio tape for the jury in which a detective talks about a witness who claims she saw Laci Peterson at the warehouse where her husband kept his fishing boat.

It is an important detail because prosecutors claim Laci never knew her husband had purchased the boat they say he bought simply to dispose of his wife´s body.

According to the detectives audio taped notes, the witness said she saw Laci at the warehouse on December 23rd, 2002, the day before she went missing.

In a blow to the prosecution, Geragos pointed out that there is no mention of the witness in the detective´s police report.

Peterson could face the death penalty or life in prison if he´s convicted of killing his pregnant wife.