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Audit Finds $3.8 Million In Election Funds Improperly Spent

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Sacramento, CA — Federal auditors say more than $3.8 million in federal election money was spent improperly or without required documentation by former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley.

Commissioned by the US Election Assistance Commission, the accounting confirms an earlier state audit of Shelley´s handling of money given to California under the Help America Vote Act.

It examined spending through 2004. Auditors say about $3 million in spending lacked documentation, such as paying salaries for people who didn´t submit time sheets, or was improperly awarded to consultants through no-bid contracts.

The audit, conducted by the Department of the Interior´s inspector general, also found another $777,500 was improperly spent on salaries, promotional memorabilia and other items unrelated to the Help America Vote Act.

Shelley, a Democrat, denied any wrongdoing but resigned under fire in February.