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Water District Issues Warning

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Jenny Lind, CA — The Calaveras County Water District has sent a letter to its customers in Jenny Lind informing them their water has contaminants.

District tests show Haloacetic Acids are above the maximum allowable 60 parts per billion contaminant level.

Fred Burnett of the district said many agencies are having a hard time complying with this fairly new regulation.

The acids occur as a result of chlorine treatment. Burnett said people exposed to the contaminants for 20 to 30 years may have an increased risk of getting cancer and that is why the federal Environmental Protection Agency got involved.

The district first tested above allowable levels at 69.8 and 76.3 in January. And even though current tests indicate levels are back to normal, a required quarterly average calculation has skewed figures ever since.

Burnett said the problem was handled by adjusting the treatment plant process, doing more flushing and scouring the lines.

In January a new average will be calculated and Burnett expects those levels will comply.