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Pinecrest Lake Recreation Opens At Half Capacity

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Pinecreast, CA — Recreators were back at Pinecrest Lake over the weekend, but the number was considerably less then what is typical for this time of year.

Forest Service officials were greeting all of the vehicles that arrived in the day-use area, notifying them that only half of the parking spots are currently available, restroom amenities are limited, and all trash must be packed up.

On Sunday morning the visitor cap was reached by around 10:30am, halting vehicles at the temporarily constructed day-use entrance gate. Some chose to wait until another vehicle left the area, so that forest service officials could let them through, while others simply turned around and went elsewhere.

Once inside, visitors noticed some of the large gathering spots were closed, while the smaller picnic areas were still open. The snack shack and marina were operating, along with the onsite restaurant, store, and other businesses. Boats were in the water, paddleboarders were out, bicyclists were on the trails, kids were swimming, people were catching fish and sunbathers were along the beach.

“No parking” signs were placed along the various side streets as well, as a way to curb attendance.

We reported last week that some campgrounds around Pinecrest are also back open, but fewer spots are being offered due to coronavirus. Click on the picture box to see various images.

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  • Pinecrest Lake - Closed Area
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  • Pinecrest Lake
  • Biking at Pinecrest Lake
  • Directing Traffic at Pinecrest Lake
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  • Traffic Backup at Pinecrest Lake
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