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San Andreas Man Charged With Poisoning Homeless People In Southern California

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Sonora, CA — A San Andreas man remains behind bars on a half a million-dollar bail after being charged with poisoning eight homeless people and then videotaped their reactions.

Huntington Beach Police arrested 38-year-old handyman William Robert Cable last month for allegedly preyed on homeless people, feeding them food laced with oleoresin capsicum, which officials described as being twice as strong as pepper spray used by police.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer disclosed that Cable exploited and poisoned the victims as part of a “twisted form of entertainment.” He then recorded their pain in order to relive the attacks again and again, according to the police.

Cable reportedly told some of the victims they were participating in a “spicy food challenge.” While others were allegedly given other food and beer to entice them into eating the poisoned food. Some of the victims had to be hospitalized as the resin can produce seizure-like symptoms, difficulty breathing, severe vomiting, and intense mouth and stomach pain.

Cable was charged with eight felony counts of poisoning, one felony count of inflicting injury on an elderly person, eight misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and an infraction for consuming alcohol or smoking marijuana while driving. Police gave no further clarification regarding the minor noted in the charges or his relationship to Cable if any. However, Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy implied his involvement in the crime noting that the fact the Cable, an adult male, would involve a juvenile is “even more reprehensible.”

Cable faces up to 19 years and three months in prison if convicted of all the charges. His first court date is scheduled for July 15th.

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