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The Mouse That Got Away

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It seems 11 year old Caroline Neilsen of Berkeley, California, gave her little stuffed friend Mousie more freedom than she intended.

During her sister´s birthday party, Caroline decided to tie Mousie, a little grey stuffed mouse toy, to some of the helium balloons from the party. She didn´t realise that the window in her bedroom was open until Mousie had floated away.

Caroline has had Mousie 9 years. He´s her best friend and she misses him ! She has discovered that Mousie floated eastward, toward the foothills, and then on to wherever the winds will take him. Caroline has plastered her neighborhood with fliers, and posted a Missing Mouse notice online.

This weekend, check your foothill yard, your trees and your TV antennas for Mousie. He could have landed anywhere east of Berkeley! There is a $100 dollar reward for his safe return.

Caroline remains hopeful that her friend will be found.