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Hit And Run Driver Sought

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The search continues for a hit and run driver.

The CHP in San Andreas reports that a motorist driving a 1970´s pick up truck on the wrong side of the road ran into another driver on Jesus Maria Road near Highway 26 at 9:45 Friday night.

The truck collided with a Chevy Sedan containing two occupants. The impact of the crash smashed the Chevy into a nearby embankment, cuasing serious damage to the car. Luckliy, the vehicle´s occupants were not injured in the wreck. The driver of the pick up fled the scene. Investigators say the pick up sustained some damage and was sporting old blue and yellow California licesne plates. The numbers on the plates are believed to begin with 2-0-2. Anyone with information on the accident or the hit and run driver is asked to contact the CHP in San Andreas.