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Tuolumne County Considers DMV Fee Hike

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Tuolumne County supervisors meet tomorrow and will consider a proposal to implement a new $4 fee for county motorists registering their vehicles.

A background report from Air Pollution Control Officer Gary Caseri states that a law passed by the State Assembly in 1990 allows local air districts to a levy a fee of up to $4 per vehicle on vehicles registered within the district. Additionally, recent legislation allows for an increase of $2 in that fee for a total of $6. If implemented, the fees would go toward reducing smog emissions and could help finance a county website on the internet. Motorists could then use the county website to register vehicles, saving a trip to the DMV and helping to reduce smog emissions in the process.

Website visitors could also conduct other county business on the website, theoretically reducing the amount of trips needed to county agencies and offices. District officials are recommending that supervisors adopt a $4 per vehicle fee that would be levied district-wide. The matter may be decided on tomorrow by supervisors when they hold their board meeting on the 4th floor of the county building in Sonora starting at 9 a.m. The meeting is open to the public to attend.