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Propane Leak, Paint Spill Occupy Responders Wednesday

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Traffic problems and flooding were not the only problems officials responded to last night.

Just after 4:45pm, a propane leak was reported in downtown Sonora. The CDF says the leak happened at the 300-block of North Washington street, but was quickly mitigated and no problems resulted.

Then a full 55-gallon drum of paint tipped over around 5pm Wednesday evening.

20 or 30 gallons of a water-based latex paint was originally reported spilled, but by 6pm, the entire barrel of paint had emptied itself out.

It happened at Chicken Ranch Road and Table Mountain Road, where a 55-gallon drum of paint apparently overturned, spilling the paint onto the surrounding soil. The rain helped the paint run down the hill and into a nearby ditch as well.

CDF, the Fish and Game Department, and Tuolumne County Environmental Health were contacted to assist in the cleanup. Also the Office of Emergency Services was notified, as is normal procedure with all hazardous materials spills.