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County Seeks Faster Reimbursement For TGH

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When Tuolumne County Supervisor Mark Thornton heads to Capitol Hill on March 8th he´ll be asking a lot of questions.

One of the purposes of the 4th District Supervisor´s trip is ascertain whether there´s any way to speed up medical and medicaid reimbursement to Tuolumne General Hospital.

“Of course one person isn´t going to go out there and come back with a check. But we have to get the idea across that these rural hospitals are really suffering, especially the ones dealing with a lot of medicare patients.”

Supervisor Dick Pland says the painstakingly slow process of attaining the minimal reimbursement available is especially tough for rural hospitals, like Tuolumne General, struggling to survive. The county hospital services a number of low income and older patients in Tuolumne County.