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Tuolumne County Changes Guidelines On Face Coverings

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Sonora, CA — While not making a recommendation, Tuolumne County’s Health Department gives detailed information regarding face-covering in public.

Noting that the risk of someone showing no symptoms still being able to transmit the deadly virus has prompted the change in mask guidance.

In a written statement from the department, it advises, “If you must make a trip outside of your home, a mask may reduce transmission.” The release also outlines different materials to make masks and instructs that four layers are best. In addition, health officials encourage wearing “cloth masks that are reusable after washing.”

It is hand washing and social distancing that the health department advocate as the best practice during this health crisis.  The entire release is below:

April 2, 2020 For Tuolumne County Residents:

COVID-19 can spread even when someone is not showing symptoms. Studies have identified this as a possible risk and have led to a change in guidance.

Masks may not keep the wearer safe, but they can reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by the wearer (with or without symptoms) to others.

Staying home, social distancing (staying 6 feet away from people) and hand washing are most effective. Wearing a mask DOES NOT replace the importance of these strategies.

If you must make a trip outside of your home, a mask may reduce transmission.

Surgical masks are best. However, we know there are not enough of these in supply and should be reserved for healthcare workers and others involved in public safety first.

We encourage you to wear cloth masks that are reusable after washing. You may use surgical masks while waiting for cloth masks to become available. If sewing is a skill of yours, this is an opportunity to help the community by making masks for others.

If you are wearing a cloth mask, you should ensure that you are washing them with hot water and soap. For this reason, having a few on hand would make sense.

Wash your hands before you put the mask on and after you take it off.

If you are showing any signs of illness, you MUST stay at home.

If you are making your own mask, simple patterns off of the internet can be used, but the patterns that have 4 layers are most effective.

Click here for face Mask Tutorials from Deaconess, here for Kalamazoo Mask Patterns and here for a study on homemade face mask effectiveness.