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Police Find Source Of Finger In Chili

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San Jose, CA — The fingertip allegedly found by a woman in a bowl of Wendy´s chili in San Jose is now pointing directly back at her family.

San Jose police say they now know exactly where that fingertip came from, a friend of the woman´s husband. At a news conference Friday morning, San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis told reporters “The jig is up.”

Davis says the fingertip was given by an injured Nevada man to Jaime Plascencia, the husband of Anna Ayala. It was Ayala who claimed she bit into the finger while dining at a San Jose Wendy´s restaurant.

Wendy´s contacted San Jose police last week after they received a telephone tip about the curious case that has garnered national headlines and cost Wendy´s a lot of money.

After police followed up on the tip, an unidentified Nevada man confirmed that he lost a portion of his finger in an accident in December, and gave it to Ayala´s husband.

Ayala remains in jail. She was arrested April 21st at her suburban Las Vegas home on a warrant issued in San Jose, where police branded the incident a hoax.