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Investigators Scheduled To Testify In Nesler Trial

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Sonora, CA — Investigators in the first degree murder case of Willie Nesler are scheduled to take the stand for the prosecution today.

Nesler is accused of fatally beating 45-year-old David Davis in the early morning hours of July 25th.

Three witnesses testified yesterday that they were present when Nesler allegedly kicked and stomped on Davis hours after being released from jail for a previous assault on Davis.

The witnesses told the jury that Nesler showed up on his property on Shaws Flat Road where the three were staying. They said Nesler ordered them to leave and wanted to know where Davis was.

Two of the reluctant witnesses said they heard Davis begging for his life and someone else shouting at Nesler to stop.

Officers say the witnesses´ testimony isn´t consistent with their original reports filed with the police.

Also on trial is 39-year-old Dean Phillips who is charged with aiding Nesler in the assault.