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Man Cited For Sneaking Snapshots Of New Star Wars Movie

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San Francisco, CA — The new Star Wars movie is apparently causing some fans to give themselves over to the dark side of The Force.

A California man was busted Thursday for taking snapshots with his digital camera of “Star Wars: Episode Three, Revenge of the Sith.” He was given a citation.

A woman in the Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley complained to theater staff that the man kept bumping her chair.

When they walked up to him, employees spotted the man with the camera. When the movie was over, the man walked out of the theater, but some of the staff followed him.

Other moviegoers say they saw him taking pictures during the movie.

Locally, the man could be fined up to $2500 and be given jail time for a misdemeanor.

But a new federal law could mean heavier prison time for such violators.

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