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Calaveras’ Top Educator Answers Public’s COVID-19 Questions

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San Andreas, CA — Superintendent of Schools at Calaveras County Office of Education took to Facebook to answer questions from the public.

Wednesday afternoon, Scott Nanik answered written questions in the comment section while live on the Calaveras County OES Facebook page. During the session, he urged, “Parents I just encourage you, we’re all in this together. Be patient, we’re all in this together. Share ideas with us. Everybody’s ideas are valid and concerns are valid, so we want to work with you and create a team.”

Some of the questions asked were related to graduation, special needs students, whether students will need to repeat grades, attendance requirements and whether the paper packets from teachers are mandatory for students to complete. On the latter, Nanik advised, “We really want the students doing those packets. They need to do them to stay caught up. We don’t want a huge learning gap if we end up extending this event to the end of the year where students are struggling to catch up as they come back to school.”

While Nanik does not rule out Governor Gavin Newsom’s remarks that schools could be close through the end of the school year, Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools is telling parents she has no plans for that but has extended school closures by two weeks, as reported here. Calaveras’s school closures have not changed. They run through the 6th of April.

At the end of the live session, Nanik added that questions can still be submitted at the Facebook site and will be answered. To view the live answer session and submit a question, click here.