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Tuolumne County Animal Control Taking COVID-19 Precautionary Measure

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Jamestown, CA – Precautionary measures are being taken by Tuolumne County Animal Control to limit exposure to COVID-19.

The office, located at 10040 Victoria Way in Jamestown, is closed until further notice halting all in person pet adoptions until further notice. Other services are being provided but on a limited basis.

Animal Control officials released this statement regarding the move:

While there are no confirmed cases in Tuolumne County at this time, in response to the COVID-19, the acting Tuolumne County Health Officer, Dr. Eric Sergienko has recommended social distancing of 6 feet. Due to the limited space at the Tuolumne County Animal Control Office, we will be taking the following precautionary measures to limit exposure of COVID-19. All precautionary measures will remain in place until further notice due to the rapidly changing circumstances.

Tuolumne County Animal Control doors will remain closed; however, we will still be providing services to the public needing assistance via phone appointments. Our services will be limited to the following:

1. Emergency services pertaining to: negligence, animal emergency medical services such as injured strays and wildlife, dangerous or vicious animals, potential rabid animals, animal bites, and quarantines.

2. Assistance of stray animals: all strays must be reported via phone to our shelter and will be taken in case by case. Our officer team will arrange to meet citizens to receive stray dogs. Any stray cats must be made by appointment only. We will not allow drop-offs of stray animals without prior arrangement.

3. Returning of owned animals or quarantines: must be done by appointment only.

4. Dog Licensing: will be done by mail in only. Please call our office if you need a license and we can assist you with the mail-in procedure.

5. Adoptions: walk-ins to observe animals will not be done until further notice. We will be posting available animals via Facebook and on If you are interested in an available pet for adoption, please call our office.

6. Humane euthanasia’s for owned animals will be done by appointments only.

7. Surrender of owned animal will not be done until further notice. These precautionary measures are necessary to ensure that Tuolumne County Animal Control is taking all the precautions possible to reduce foot-traffic, and to encourage everyone to limit their exposure to potential COVID-19 infection.

Tuolumne County Animal Control can be contacted via phone: Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm at 209-694-2730. For after hours, or weekend emergencies please call the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department at 209-533-5815