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ATCAA Closes A Center To Public, Food Bank And Most Programs Not Impacted

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Sonora, CA – The Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency, (ATCAA) is closing a center to the public but officials say it will continue to provide critical services while limiting in-person contact.

ATCAA officials released this statement regarding its service changes and precautions being taken due to COVID-19:

In an effort to keep the most vulnerable in our community safe while still providing emergent services, the Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency, (ATCAA) is limiting in-person contact during the COVID-19 crisis.

Effective through March 27th, doors will be closed to the general public at the Sonora Service Center, but most programs and services will remain open with the exception of Head Start who will follow the county schools closure protocols and the Free Tax Preparation Program which is awaiting IRS direction.

ATCAA provides services to low-income residents who need assistance in areas such as food, housing, emergency shelter, energy bill and home weatherization assistance, free income tax preparation, childcare, youth prevention programs and more.

There is an application and screening process for almost all services and that process can be handled initially over the phone and through the mail. Information and applications for services are available on ATCAA’s website and outside the Service Center. A secure drop box is also available for completed applications.

When an in-person appointment is necessary, staff will schedule as needed and emphasis will be placed on infection prevention such as disinfecting common areas and practicing social distancing.

The Food Bank will continue to provide food for its partner pantries and residents in need while limiting personal contact. They are also working with the County Schools and other food distribution locations to ensure no interruption of food delivery. Residents are encouraged to call the Food Bank directly at 984-3960 x101 if they find themselves in need.

The ATCAA Service Center can be reached by calling 533-1397, Monday through Thursday from 9am until 4pm. For more information about specific programs and how to reach them directly visit