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Columbia College Professor To Address NATO Conference

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Columbia, CA — Professor Peter Lee, an adjunct instructor of theology, philosophy and the humanaties at Columbia College, will travel to Vienna, Austria to address NATO´s National Defense Academy on Wednesday, November 8.

According to Lee, his presentation to the NATO organization is a synopsis of his docotoral disseration. Titled “The Crusading Mission of Dispensationalist Millenarianism.” the talk will establish his contention that for any meaningful resulution to take place in the Middle East, there needs to be a recognition of the differing ideologies that underlie the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Said Lee, “I will demonstrate at the convention that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is rooted in religious ideology that arose between 1600 and 1650. This ideology was popularized by John Nelson Darby and forms much of the Religious Right. Tim LaHaye and Larry Jenkins also popularized the ideology in the Left Behind series of books.

The complete text of Lee´s paper, which will be presented at the NATO conference, will be available from the reference desk at the Columbia College Library in Tamarack Hall.

Written by Bill Johnson