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Motorcycle Riders Tossed Items During High Speed Chase

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San Andreas, CA – Riders ditched items along the way during a motorcycle chase reaching speeds of 100 mph in Calaveras County that traveled through Jenny Lind, Valley Springs, and San Andreas.

The driver of the sportbike, 36-year-old Joseph Dykes of Modesto, took off when a sheriff’s deputy tried to pull him over on Milton Road near South Gulch Road for speeding. San Andreas Unit CHP spokesperson Toby Butzler says the driver passed other vehicles over double-yellow lines and on the shoulder. He adds that most of the pursuit was at speeds between 75 to 85 mph along three highways: 26,12 and 49.

The deputy could see both riders grabbing items from their pockets. The passenger, Kyleigh Nicole Peterson, 27, of San Andreas, was unloading articles from a backpack she had on and tossed them over a guardrail.

Shortly afterward, Dykes pulled the motorcycle over on Bellview Street and both were arrested. A search of both suspects uncovered an airsoft Rifle, but whose it was Butzler relays, “We’re not going to discuss that at this point as that is part of the investigation. It was a replica firearm that did not have an orange tip on it that’s required by law.”

Drug paraphernalia was also discovered on them and Butzler believes the items hurled were related to that. Not revealing which highway, Butzler shares, “We actually closed the highway down real briefly in the area where we observed the things being tossed. Three different officers actually were out there searching. Unfortunately, they were unable to find it.”

Dykes and Peterson both face charges for felony evading, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and a replica firearm along with numerous license and registration violations.