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Mother Lode Residents Have A Long History Of Helping Others

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Sonora, CA– The Tuolumne County Historical Society proves Mother Lode residents have always been generous when it comes to helping others.

Historical Society Chair of the Publications Committee, Sharon Marovich says it was 100 years ago that many Tuolumne County residents helped San Franciscans after the great earthquake and fire that took place in 1906.

In the magazine Chispa, published by the Historical Society, one story describes the tremendous efforts made by Mother Lode locals who set up a county wide fund drive that raised more than $3,000.

Along with many other acts of kindness, residents also filled a Sierra Railroad car with food and clothing that was sent to the refugees. Those wishing to gain more knowledge about the Mother Lode´s past can also pick up the new book called Sonora Pass Pioneers, written by David Johnson.

The book describes the journey over the Sonora Pass during the Gold Rush. Both the magazine and book are available at the Tuolumne County Museum.

Written by Alisha.cruz