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Leland High Sierra Snowplay (Leland Meadows)

Leland Meadows is 12 acres of well groomed snowy hills at 6,300 feet. It is dubbed the largest snowplay only facility on the West Coast. Leland Meadows is 39 miles east of Sonora on Highway 108.

Snowcats groom the snow and two rope tows get guests up to the top of the big Snowplay hill. For kids and adults that are under 44 inches tall and not quite ready for the big hills, newly opened in 2017 the “Magic Carpet” Lift System, similar to the Lifts on the Bigger Hills, will gently wisk children off all ages to the top of the Kiddle Hills.

The 4,000 sq ft lodge provides the basics: a snack bar, video games, pool tables, a warm fire, and a sun deck with plenty of tables and chairs overlooking the snow play area outside.

Open weekends until December 16th and then open seven days a week during Christmas Break. When there is enough snow Leland Meadows Snow Play open weekends and sometimes other days except Wednesday thru April.

Lift tickets vary from $19 to $39. For rentals and other costs: visit their web site.

Family owned and operated since 1990