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10 Spring Fun Things

The days are longer and it seems that the warmer weather will be staying (keep an eye on the 7 day forecast) what is there to do in the Mother Lode?

There are great local events including many annual events that are tradition to attend. But the Mother Lode offers secluded outdoor places to enjoy nature too. My favorite spot is Natural Bridges, watch for the new shiny leaves of poison oak!


There are several hiking paths to enjoy in the Mother Lode including in Yosemite and around New Melones Reservoir.


The Mother Lode is surrounded by dozens of pristine lakes and reservoirs with relaxing fishing opportunities for beginners and professionals alike. More…


Swimming in Mother Lode doesn’t just include swimming pools… Pools are fun but what could be more fun than enjoying water sports like water skiing at a local reservoir or lake? More…

Spelunking (Cave Exploration)

The Mother Lode area has some of California’s largest cavern systems. Professional tours of these natural wonders are fun, easy to access and educational for the entire family. More…

Rock Climbing

The Mother Lode area contains almost unlimited rock climbing opportunities including vertical granite outcrops as well as boulder fields perfect for rock hopping (bouldering) and scrambling. More…

Rock Hounding

Rock Hounding is the recreational collecting of rocks and/or mineral specimens from their natural environment. Recreational gold panning, as you can imagine, is a popular type of rock hounding in the Mother Lode! More…


With many courses in Calaveras and Tuolumne county area be sure schedule your tee time. More…

Whitewater Rafting

River rafting in Mother Lode is a trilling experience. Nothing’s better on a hot summer’s day in Mother Lode than a wild ride down the river! More…

Star Gazing

Find a dark field and gaze at the stars. Get our smart phone ap out and find all the constellations. More…

More Family Fun

Indoors and Out the Mother Lode offers many activities that the big cities can’t. More…

The Recreation Guide has more activities and we welcome more suggestions! If you want to learn some great places to see find it in the Destination Guide. If you want to share a place not listed or offer more info message

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