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Yosemite National Park: So Close Yet So Far

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Yosemite National Park, CA — Yosemite National Park means something different to everyone in the Mother Lode.

Some see it as a feasible way to escape the daily grind, since it is only two hours driving time to Yosemite Valley. Others find themselves appreciating the beauty second hand through photographs and documentaries. No matter how you slice it, it all comes down to time management; those who want to experience the park find a way to do it.

Because Yosemite is such a draw for Mother Lode residents, KVML news took the relatively short drive to explore what all the fuss was about. Our journey began at the Visitors Center in Yosemite Valley, which was bustling with tourists from all over the world trying to get an inside look at the park.

The park rangers had a wealth of information to distribute to the curious visitors. Everything from trail options, to advice on how to stay dry during the torrential rain. Although the wet weather kept some people indoors, several were there to take in the breathtaking views produced by the mix of snow and rain and they were not deterred by a little moisture.

Armed with an umbrella and Park Ranger Adrienne Freeman, we set out on a hike to see just what the water levels were like in the Park. The proof of heavy rain and snow was relevant as soon as we were in eyeshot of Yosemite Falls.

Several people who were standing at Lower Yosemite Falls said that they were shocked by the mere size and water level of the falls. Those who had never visited Yosemite said, although it was raining, the view was worth the discomfort.

More segments with pictures of KVML´s Yosemite trip will be posted Thursday and Friday, followed by an in depth interview on Mother Lode Views this weekend.

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Written by Sabrina Sabbagh