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Sonora Police On The Lookout For Red Light Violators

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Sonora, CA — Thanks to an Office of Traffic Safety the Sonora Police Department is closely monitoring the Restano-Mono Way and the Greenley Rd.-Mono Way intersections today for red light violators.

Police Chief Mace McIntosh reminds motorists that you must come to a full stop at the red arrow light when you approach the Restano-Mono Way signal, and you must remain stopped until the arrow light turns green. There is NO free right turn after a full stop at the red arrow light.

McIntosh adds the O.T.S. grant will allow for increased patrols during the holiday season especially during the weekends as “driving under the influence” arrests tend to greatly increase. In December, 2006 “D.U.I.” arrests doubled as compared other months in the year.

Written by Bill Johnson