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Tuolumne County Supervisors Looking At Ways To Spur Economic Growth

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Sonora, Ca — One of the listed goals of the Board of Supervisors´ this year is to establish a new approach to spur economic development in Tuolumne County.

County staff has put together a list of discussion topics for the Board to consider. One idea is to establish and fund a new City/County based Economic Development Commission to replace the former Economic Development Corporation.

“The proposal from the City and County is to form some sort of a commission that would be a cooperative effort between the City and the County in administering economic development,” says Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce CEO George Segarini.Personally, I´m all in favor of this. You have to have the support of the local jurisdictions when you are trying to entice businesses to come to your community. Without that support, you are dead in the water.”

Other discussion topics provided by staff include giving financial support to non-profit agencies that have a positive impact on the local economy. This includes groups such as the Film Commission, T.C Visitors Bureau and the Central Sierra Arts Council.

Support efforts by groups that hold events that benefit the local economy. Examples are the music festivals, farmers market, Lumberjack Jubilee, Fireman´s Muster and Bach Festival.

Renew efforts to simplify and streamline development processes wherever possible to expedite the review and approval of development projects.

Consider adoption of a policy statement that communicates Tuolumne County´s support for well planned, culturally sensitive development as an essential element of maintaining a healthy economy.

Support development of a regional blueprint for preferred locations for growth within the County.

These topics were all discussed by the Supervisors this week. The Board will hear seven more ideas to spur economic development at next Tuesday´s Board Meeting.

No action has been taken on any of the proposals.

Written by BJ Hansen