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Chair Of C.C. Board Of Supervisors Feels New Jail Should Be Top Priority

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San Andreas, CA — The Chair of the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors feels the county´s top priority should be to replace the aging jail facility.

Bill Claudino says the jail was built in 1963 and designed to last for 20 years. It has a maximum capacity of 65 inmates. Once the 66th comes in, someone must leave.

Claudino says,Personally I believe the most important function of government is public safety. If you have known criminals that have no fear of going to jail roaming the streets, you have compromised public safety.”

Claudino notes that the Sheriff´s Department is currently conducting a survey tallying the number of people who have been released and then re-arrested during the time the individual should be in jail. He says that recent results show that one individual has been released and re-arrested 11 times during this type duration.

Claudino hopes funding will be available in the Governors budget to help the county build a new facility. If not, he says he supports putting a bond issue on the ballot and allowing voters to decide. A new jail and sheriff´s facility is estimated to cost $40-50 million.

Written by BJ Hansen