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Daylight Saving Time Could Cause Computer Problems

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Sonora, CA — When Daylight Saving Time kicks in this weekend, it could cause issues with some computers.

In an attempt to save energy, Congress recently decided to move the date three weeks earlier in the spring, and one week later in the fall.

Mother Lode Internet Systems Administrator Dave Mackinnon says that since this is the first year of the transition, most computer systems are going to be off by an hour for a few weeks.

Mackinnon says it should not cause many problems with home systems. However, it may cause issues for business and government operations. He notes that financial transactions are often time sensitive. This could lead some people to be refused access to certain data.

For individuals running an older version of Windows, Mackinnon says the simplest solution is to tell the system not to automatically adjust to Daylight Saving Time and change it manually. He says people can also avoid the problem by purchasing the latest updates for the computer system.

Written by BJ Hansen