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No Gas War In Sonora … At Least Not Yet!

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Sonora, CA — So far there´s no gas war in downtown Sonora.

Thursday Harpreet Dhaliwal dropped his association with Unocal and started pumping ARCO gasoline. He claims he may have the cheapest gasoline in all of California. If not, he says, he´s within a penny of the lowest price.

Monday afternoon Dhaliwal was pumping his three grades at 2.75, 2.87 and 2.97 a gallon. Apparently the Valero Cornerstore on S. Washington will not be competing. As of Tuesday morning the Cornerstore´s prices were 2.95, 3.05 and 3.15 respectively.

The three grades of ARCO are pumping at an average of 18 and two-thirds cents per gallon less than Valero.

Dhaliwal says ARCO informed him that the consumer is paying too much for gasoline and that is why prices have been dropped.

Written by Bill Johnson