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Cogdill Announces Series Of Public Safety Bills

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Sacramento, CA — State Senator Dave Cogdill has announced the introduction of a series of bills designed to provide law enforcement with greater tools for ensuring public safety.

Senate Bill 712 would make the possession of abooster bag” a misdemeanor for a first offense and a felony for the second. The device is used by shoplifters to shield merchandise from theft detectors. Currently, having this type of bag is not punishable.

Senate Bill 751 would ensure that an identity theft crime can be prosecuted in the jurisdiction in which the victim lives. Under current law if a person´s identity is stolen, the trial occurs where the criminal resides.

Senate Bill 845 closes the loophole which presently precludes juvenile sex offenders from facing serious consequences after committing a serious offense. This would allow the criminals records to be unsealed if the person were to commit another sexual offense as an adult.

Senate Bill 864 would ensure that sexual offense victims´ information is not subject to disclosure through the Public Records Act or other disclosure. This legislation addresses concerns raised by the High Risk Sex Offender Task Force.

Cogdill represents six counties, including Tuolumne. He serves as Vice Chair of Senate Public Safety Committee.

Written by BJ Hansen