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Angels Camp P.D. On The Lookout For New Years DUI’s

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Angels Camp, CA — The Angels Camp Police Department will be out in full force this evening with the intent of arresting any motorist driving-under-the-influence.

Now on the job for a year and 12 days, Police Chief Dale Mendenhall himself will be out for a couple of hours patrolling the streets seeking out those who have been drinking and are still driving.

First time offenders can expect fines, court expenses, attorney fees, etc. to total approximately $10,000.

On another issue Mendenhall says one of his primary goals was to enhance the relationship between the department and the citizenry. That, he says, is taking time but he continues to encourage his officers to take the time to visit with members of the community and build that all important trust factor.

Within the department, Mendenhall hosted a department team-building retreat at Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite recently. He impressed upon his officers that the ACPD was “our” and not “his” department. Officer grievences were aired and many were ironed out to the satisfaction to all.

On a personal basis Mendenhall admitted the toughest challenge for him has been to build a relationship with those within the department. When Mendenhall was officially hired December 19, 2007 he was new to the Mother Lode and had never served as a chief.

Written by Bill Johnson