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Old Scam Returns To Mother Lode

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Sonora, CA – It is nothing new, but scammers continue to use this trick because it works.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s officials have received citizens calls reporting that a deputy notified them there was a warrant for their arrest, and they needed to pay a bond immediately. When pressed, the caller even provided the name of a local deputy. The only problem – he is retired from the force. While working on this story, a co-worker walked into the newsroom to report a call she received, and it was the same scam. She did what sheriff’s officials suggested and hung up.

These are additional guidelines regarding scams provided by the sheriff’s office:

  • Be aware that scammers can change the phone number that shows up on your caller ID screen.
  • Independently research businesses, charities, or claims being made by the caller.
  • Don’t give in to the pressure the caller creates to take immediate action.
  • Don’t provide any personal identifying information to the caller.
  • Don’t send money if requested to do so via a wire transfer, pre-paid debit card, or gift card.

Anyone receiving a call from someone claiming to be a local deputy should call the sheriff’s non-emergency line at 209-533-5815 to verify the information. Then If it does not check out, it is easy to report the scam.

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