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Lee Speaks About Time In Mine Shaft

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Columbia, Ca — Darvis Lee Jr. feels very fortunate to only sustain minor injuries after falling over 100 ft. down a mine shaft Friday evening in the 21000 block of Jack Page Rd.

The mine shaft is located on Bureau of Land Management property, and Lee´s family owns land adjacent to the site.

?The door on the mine was open because someone had cut the lock,? says Lee. “We are always curious whether there are people on our property without permission, so I went in with just a little Mag Lite. I didn´t see the hole until I had fallen into it.?

Lee fell Friday evening, and was not located until a friend went looking for him Saturday morning.

?I had many, many hours of pitch black, and just kept fighting the demons and bad things that just kept making me want to feel awful,? adds Lee. ?I can just remember praying to God.?

Tuolumne County Search and Rescue Team members arrived at the mine shaft Saturday morning, but were forced to call in a team from Los Angeles County that had more expertise in this particular type of rescue.

Lee was pulled from the mine just after 5am Sunday, and surprisingly sustained no broken bones, just scratches and bruises. He landed in about three ft. of water when he reached the bottom.

?I am never going into another mine,? says Lee. ?It is not a good idea for anyone to do.?

Written by BJ Hansen