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Angels Camp Grandfather Arrested After Attacking Granddaughter

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Angels Camp, CA – An Angels Camp grandfather received a $100,000 bail after allegedly attacking his teenage granddaughter while a three-year-old looked on and then struggling with arresting deputies.

A call to Calaveras County Sheriff’s dispatch from the sister of the female teenager sent deputies to a home in the 7100 block of Tapadero Street, off Riata Way in the Angels Camp area. Once on the scene, deputies realized that 62-year-old Raul Velarde Acedo was intoxicated. He began yelling and threatening them. Deputies were able to subdue him and get handcuffs on him.

The 17-year-old victim stated that her grandfather was in a bad mood sparking the assault. Calaveras County Sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Greg Stark details, “He [Acedo] began yelling at her and they got into a pushing match. She tried to defend herself with a kitchen knife. At that point, she realized there was a three-year-old in the room. She put the knife away and Acedo attacked her. They fell to the ground and he began strangling her with his hands.”

The victim also told deputies that “at one point said she thought she was going to die due to the force being applied to her neck,” according to Sgt. Stark.

She was taken to Mark Twain Medical Center to be treated for a bump on her head and neck injuries. Acedo faces felony charges of terrorizing and willful cruelty to a child resulting in possible injury or death. Sgt. Stark relays the latter charge stems from the victim being 17-years old.