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Tuolumne CAO Pedro Speaks Out On County’s Financial Picture

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Sonora, CA — Compared to other counties around the state Tuolumne County is doing very well from a financial perspective these days.

That was the comment of CAO Craig Pedro before the Board of Supervisors this morning prior to a detailed analysis of the mid-year budget review.

While many other counties are already making drastic cutbacks in anticipation of any state action, Tuolumne County is not following suit. Pedro added that the county has no short term debt and very limited long term debt. He stated that the county already has a reserve fund.

The second year CAO added that, “We make it a practice to take in more money than we spend.”

He praised the Board for making proactive decisions in light of any action the state may take regarding Sacramento funding for local programs.

Elated with that report, Board Chair Dick Pland suggested that perhaps Pedro and his staff should “run the show” in Sacramento given their success in Tuolumne County.

Written by Bill Johnson