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Pinon Sentenced To 11 Years

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San Andreas, CA — On March 27th 24 year old Donald Pinon will be formally sentenced to 11 years in state prison for his role in the March 16, 2007 murder of 19 year old David Jessop of Mokelumne Hill.

According to the Stockton Record, Pinon has accepted a plea bargain from the Calaveras County District Attorney┬┤s office rather than face a long term sentence that could have been handed down from a jury trial.

In August, in less than two hours time, a jury convicted Pinon’s partner, 23 year old gang member Daniel Rocha, to 75 years to life for the murder. Witnesses testified that Rocha fired the fatal shot.

According to witnesses, the original intent was to steal money and drugs from Jessop┬┤s housemate who was not home at the time of the breakin. Jessop was asleep when he was shot execution style.

Pinon must serve a minimum of approximately nine years and three months or 85 percent of the total sentence.

Written by Bill Johnson